We design and manage the total user experience

Company without a defined brand is en-route to become a commodity, customers will choose that company solely on the basis of price or getting something for free. Company or a product with a strong brand is not selling anything on price point – they are selling a mindset or a lifestyle, and set their own terms and prices.

NPG process for brand development is a tried and tested path of analysis, creative thinking and strategy development. Branding is all about the promise your product or service gives to the customers, we will develop a overarching concept and then execute it consistently through varoiuos media campaigns, promo material, event collateral… You name it, we will design it and it will improve your branding efforts.

Our branding services include the whole process of consulting, market analysis, creative concepts development and design. Market proven experience will enable your brands to gain new publicity, devotees, followers and – customers.

Brand is a promise that creates expectations about an experience.

Solutions to engage your costumers

Is there a medium that’s not interactive ? We think not. Even if you are doing a print ad, there are solutions to enable interactivity with your customer base. Interactivity is not a technology or a feature, it’s a paradigm. Your brand, product or service will leave a mark only if you enable interactivity with your content. Users must be able to explore and find out more – that is the new mission of promotion and marketing campaigns.

NPG interactivity team is well equiped to bring new technology soulutions to your project. We have extensive experience with online solutions, social platforms, interactive surfaces (shop windows, tables, floors, walls), mobile applications, SMS based phone applications…

Changing the attitudes and resulting actions taken by users is possible only if you catch their attention and then engage them. Make them interact, make them play with your content.
We see technology as a tool to enhance your visibility and as a platform to widen your reach.

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.

Fresh thinking and ideas available, anytime

Constant search for new ideas, deep understanding of buyer behaviour, market analysis and psychological profiling enable us to deliver targeted, relevant creative concepts that will earn more eyeballs for the same campaign budget.

Marketing and promotion is creativity driven, there is a direct link between the creativity and the efficiency of the marketing campaigns. NPG creative services team has been working with all types and sizes of projects and we know what does it take to stand out, to catch the attention of your target market.

Creative services team is responsible for developing concepts, strategy and execution models for all types of campaigns and marketing projects. We have been involved in development of just about everything – from products to national awareness campaigns, and we have the experience needed to transform your market approach.

Creative services team at your disposal…

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Some of our latest stuff...
    Web design and development of the KOSOVA JOB! - job finding portal
    Artwork and a complete development of on-line platform for a website of the Croatian Chamber of Economy.
    Redesign proposition for the Croatian airline company CROATIA AIRLINES
    Packaging artwork propositions done for the agriculture company ORAHOVICA
    Various BECROATIVE brand applications.
    Artwork and concept for a CROATIA AIRLINES mobile app.