KosovaJob.com – fastest way to a new job!
Cooperating with the government for a better job market in Kosova

First major project of NPG team in Kosova is the design, implementation and now, the preliminary launch of KosovaJob.com platform.

Project “KosovaJob.com” is an online job finder portal, aiming to connect companies with potential employees but also to serve as central database of Kosovo job and workforce market. KosovaJob.com platform is a multi-language solution that provides equal opportunities to find potential jobs with information presented in Albanian, Serbian and English Language.
Main goal of the project is to directly work towards lowering the unemployment rate by gathering, organizing and making discoverable information about open job positions that will enable faster employment for citizens of Kosova.

Data gathered will also enable grater workforce mobility and provide insight into real potential of Kosovo workforce, job market and professional education needs.
KosovaJob.com is a complete platform for structured management of information on job openings, workforce resumes and education / requalification courses.
Collection of relevant data will enable greater visibility into economic potential of specific industries, skills development and promotion, information on workforce market, realistic statistics on the current unemployment rate, qualifications required, professional / higher education programmes available.

Centralization of all workforce, employment and professional education data will enable various government institutions to make informed decisions when planning strategies on national economic, employment and education policies.

KosovaJob.com is opening soon, be sure to check it out: http://www.kosovajob.com

KosovaJob.com is a project created in cooperation and with support of

Government of Republic of Kosovo
Croatian Chamber of Economy
American Chamber of Commerce
Rotary club Kosova
BDO financial consultants
Britannica school

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